Calling all Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers 

For all coaches, entrepreneurs, and service providers who want to overcome the tech overwhelm so that you can grow your business by focusing on what you do best

Learn how to implement tools that work for you, the way you work, so that growing your business is easy and fun. All while attracting more opportunities to share your genius with the world. 

Get live coaching, on-demand resources and walkthroughs, templates, 1:1 customized feedback and 24h (weekdays) support for only $37/month.
You just want to be able to focus on what you love doing in your business without being confused or stuck on the technology side of things.
I'm betting you've been told it's quick and easy to: 
  • build a landing page 
  • build a funnel 
  • automate your email 
  • create new resources, whether it's a quiz, a checklist, a step-by-step guide, videos, or a blog post

Do you feel like you've tried to do all of these things, but nothing works and you keep getting stuck? Do you invest hours and hours into trying to make the tech work without anything working? Have you been sold on someone else's foolproof system for building a funnel, a landing page, a [insert a tool here], only to find out there isn't any support for when you get stuck or you can't figure out how to make it work for you? 

I promise, it's not just you. Tech, software, and systems that work for one person don't necessarily work for everyone. Especially when you don't have a clear guide on how to implement it. 


With OTTO, you'll have someone to hold your hand, to make sure you know what you're doing, to
get you unstuck, and moving forward smoothly.
Welcome to Overcome the Tech Overwhelm (OTTO)
When You Join OTTO...

You'll get access to all the support and resources you need to successfully implement new tech, processes, and systems in your business.

You get access to:

2x monthly coaching and support calls

Weekly Voxer Coaching Days 

Training and Resource Vault 

Customized 1:1 Feedback and Implementation Support 

Access to the members-only community on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support

($37/m - cancel anytime)

Here's a Sneak Peek of What Awaits You

2x Monthly Support Coaching Calls

Join us for 2x monthly support coaching calls. We'll work through any roadblocks your experiencing and I'll answer any questions you have.

Weekly Voxer Support

Every week, you have 1:1 access to me via Voxer. Message me with anything you're working on, anything you need to process, and we'll get you moving forward smoothly. 

Resource + Training Vault

Access all recorded trainings, step-by-step implementations, and any mini-courses created for OTTO members, on-demand, whenever you need them.

Personalized Feedback

Need help with something specific in your business, or want me to log in to your system to audit the setup? Personalized feedback gives you internal systems support without having to expose sensitive business details to other members. 

Members-Only Community

Access the members-only community on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support.

Imagine not being worried about your tech and systems . . . 

Let's take a peek into the future for a minute . . . It's a Wednesday morning, you're clearing your email inbox. What do you find but a number of sales receipt emails for the program you're selling. All of those sales came through automatically and smoothly without having to do anything - your systems are taking care of the heavy lifting. 

You know that when you head out on vacation, you don't have to be concerned about being available or working when you want to be relaxing. You've already got all your emails scheduled, and your program pages and funnels are working seamlessly.

 You also know that you can pull together a new landing page, email sequence, and blog post without getting stuck and without spending the whole day mired in the quicksand of confusion. 

 All of this is possible, and that's why I created OTTO. You'll have a true guide to help you master the tools to run your business in a way that works for you instead making you fit into someone else's cookie cutter model.

Hi, I'm Anna!

I've been an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant for 10 years and they haven't always been smooth. However, I love the freedom of creating my own schedule and supporting business owners who need and want it instead of helping tech companies make more money (talk about soul sucking). I love how technology, systems, and processes can make building your business easier, so you can focus on what you love and do best.

But what I kept seeing and hearing was how technology seemed to be one of the biggest roadblocks for small business owners, when it can be such an asset to growing your business without having to build a team or outsource for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I know that implementing technology that you understand and that works for you, makes it even easier to sustainably scale your business and focus your efforts in your genius zone. 

I want you to experience the same thing but without the 4-figure price tag. That's why I created OTTO.

AND Get These Awesome Bonuses

Get access to my tech stack audit; I'll personally review it and provide feedback on any gaps or places where you can make things easier.

Template Vault

Get access to any templates I create along with step-by-step implementation guides.

Monthly implementation co-working calls

Tackle your implementation to-dos with support and accountability on monthly implementation co-working calls. 

Anna’s Elementor landing page template has helped me to create a professional and polished sales page for membership! 

Before I really struggled with putting together nice pages from scratch. Using the template saved me so much time and all I had to do was add in my copy, images and change out the colors. 

Thank you so much for this template.

Cherina B.
Owner, Cherie La Vie Designs

When I need to execute quickly, I hire Anna. She's incredibly knowledgeable in many aspects of business, specifically marketing, content creation, and online ads. She's my go-to trusted business expert and the speed at which she executes for her clients will blow your mind. Do you want things done the right way, the first time? Hire Anna.

Karan N.
Founder, The Expansion Project

If I had to deal with this myself I would have literally had no idea what to do and would have got myself into a heap of stress! You are worth your weight in gold Anna!!!

Sarah R.
Founder, Sarah Robertson Consulting

Anna was a godsend to me at a time when, as a relatively novice online business owner, I was taking steps to branch out in different areas, develop my business and expand my offers. I am reasonably tech savvy, but nothing like Anna. 

This is where Anna is more than just a Tech Maestro. Anna really listened to me, even when I didn't realize she was listening to me, she was picking up on nuances, my way of processing and style of doing things. This is who Anna is, she doesn't just connect with a client, and understand their needs, she understands who they are, and this is what struck me. She then knows the tech that is not just going to suit your business, but suit who you are.

When I asked Anna for help, she not only offered a range of tech options to meet my need, she shared their pros and cons, and she shared how they would be a fit for me. She provided me with choice, but guided me to the best option. She made it a simple, easy and an empowering experience, which for people who might feel overwhelmed by tech, or are new to tech and the online world, is one of Anna's gifts.

Melinda C.
Creator and owner of I Make a Difference and U Make a Difference
OTTO is for 2 Specific People
The New Business Owner

Who is figuring out how to build their business from scratch. You'll learn how to choose the right tools and systems that work for you, so building your business is easy and fun.

The Established Entrepreneur

Who knows what they want their business to do but is stuck on the tech or needs to streamline their operations. You'll learn how you can streamline your business and get the right tech and tools in place to grow your business so it works for you.

No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

($37/m - cancel anytime)

Have questions? I'm glad you asked . . .
  • Why is the price only $37/mo?
    I believe that this kind of support is most needed by the people who shouldn't have to pay four figures to access it. My personal motto is to always be a helpful human and I want to make OTTO and the support that comes with it accessible to anyone who needs it.
  • I’m up to my eyeballs with work/email/life. I’m not sure I have the time for this.
    OTTO is designed to give you access to support and resources when you need them and to make your life easier. Jump in when you need support and we'll be here.
  • What am I getting access to when I buy?
    When you join OTTO you get access to: 2x monthly coaching and support calls, Weekly Voxer Coaching Days, Training and Resource Vault, Customized 1:1 Feedback and Implementation Support, and Access to the members-only community on Heartbeat for accountability, connection, and ongoing support 
  • How is OTTO different from other programs out there?
    There aren't a lot of tech support and implementation programs available that help you implement the tools in your business that work for you. In the rare cases you can access this kind of support, it's tied to a specific program or someone's signature process. OTTO is designed to support you in implementing the tools and systems that work for you, not implementing my go-to tools.
  • Do I need to have/use/buy the systems and tools you use?
    No, not at all. OTTO was designed to help you use the tools you're already familiar with or the tools that work for you and the way you work. If you are struggling to find or choose the tools to accomplish your goals, then I will happily help you find the right fit, but I will always advocate for choosing what works for you, not what works for me.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the nature of this kind of content, I do not offer a refund, but you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. You aren't locked into a contract beyond the length you choose when you join (month-to-month or annually).
  • I have another question, where do I send that?
    I get it. Got something specific you wanna ask? No problem. Shoot an email to and I'll get back to you soon.
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